Versions of Legs Forms for Socks

Conventional display mannequins legs are produced for display windows. Even the standing ones, bend at the football and the foot is losing his natural shape.

MohrModels Legs are standing, due to the included magnets and therefore they have an optimal fit.

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Versions of underwear-torsos

The design and construction of our underwear torsos is created, to eliminate folds in the crotch area
and makes your work more efficiently.

With the torso stand you get an ergonomic working height and you have the optimal light for your clothing. The torsos have on both sides (up and down) intakes for the pins, so that you can work over head with tight clothing.

Versions of Head Forms

We offer classic male and female heads or our optimized head form for “hollow man” photography of your headwear.

With “simple head” you have a direct insight in the product with minimal effort for retouch. Therefore you have the advantage of a three-dimensional image of your product

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