E-ShopModels, also known as Ghost Mannequin

Packshot photography in perfection. Our mannequins with perfect fit reduce the retouch and increase the throughput enormous, in comparison to other suppliers enormous.

Our E-Shop Model is your photo equipment for a perfect “hollow man” effect. Equipped with magnetic pieces and optimized fittings, they are specially designed for the e-commerce.

Due to the different cutouts and the light construction, the effort for Styling, Photography and rework, is minimum.

E-ShopWorkspace, your photo working place

Our Workplaces makes your hollow man photography more flexible, efficient and ergonomically.

The E-Shop workspaces are compared to other typical system solutions flexible in the presentation of your photos, and give you consistent results by always the same conditions. They enable best quality at a high performance, adapted to your needs.

There are no reflecting edges or creases like in a normal tent.  The high-quality and sophisticated design of the acryl, simplifies reflecting of images. The aluminium frame ensures optimal ergonomics and recurring setups, which are quickly retrievable.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to advice you!

E-ShopEssentials, the tools you need for your product photography

Our styling tools are in the fashion sector for your Product images indispensable.

You are missing something in your studio and you do not know what? Our essentials are necessary tools, which simplifies your work in the Studio. Our “helpers”, like “simple head” are fast and flexible to use. Slipping of caps, hats or helmets belongs to the past.

Special sizes and cutouts are not a problem anymore ! Our essentials are little “helpers” with the highest impact. If you are still looking for an essential, don´t hesitate to contact us, we´ll search for the best option for you.

E-ShopConsulting, training courses and consulting service for your product photography.

Studio planning, process optimization or increase in quality – we are well informed and find the right solution for you!

You want to set up an e-commerce studio and need advisory service for the selection of your equipment? You expect more quantity or quality? Your processes need urgently to be changed in order to stay competitive within the market?

Our experts discuss with you what you can do and what you need. We work with permanent business partners together to stay flexible and give you the best advice.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to advice you!